The Concoction (or What I Eat for Breakfast)

By popular demand (really just one of my friends), here’s my breakfast concoction post. I am, by most measures, somewhat “Paleo.” Really, I’m just a gluten-limiting, processed-carb avoiding, meats-and-plants-and-dairy eater. (Read here to learn about my distaste for the term “Paleo.”)

All that stuff makes it tough for the person who needs a 2-minutes-or-less-no-time-to-make-a-scramble-damn-it-need-it-NOW!!! breakfast that’s high in protein, fat, with just enough carbs to support a mid-day workout.

Enter The Concoction.

This has been refined over the course of six or seven years as I’ve experimented with my diet, and my athletic needs changed and changed back (sprint triathlete to half-IM back to sprint triathlete to CrossFitter/triathlete back to sprint triathlete again). It started as a much higher carb, higher fiber, lower fat version of itself, and has massively morphed into today’s morning protein-fat boomstick-in-a-bowl. So far, this version is best for me, and even supports my semi-regular intense, 5-7 mile runs before lunchtime during the work day. Here goes (note: measurements are educated guesses… I don’t measure it out anymore):

  • ~2/3 cup of full fat cottage cheese
  • 1 scoop vanilla whey protein isolate (I use Body Fortress – ISOLATE!!)
  • splash of 2% milk (enough to mix the protein, maybe a quarter cup?)
  • a handful of berries (~1/3 cup) (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, whatever’s cheapest that week)
  • top with a little granola for crunch (When I’m not training for something, I leave out the granola.)

Mix in a bowl. Eat. (~450 cal, 55-60g protein, 12-15g fat, ~20g carbs (a little over 10 without granola))

I combine this with my morning routine of a big mug of coffee with full-fat heavy whipping cream (YEAH!) that I take to work, and 1tsp of Nordic Naturals fish oil (Omega 3+D). Those two add another 100 calories of straight fat.

Before 8am, that’s between 5-600 calories, ~80% from fat and protein. It keeps me sated for 5-6 hours without hunger pangs or cravings, no digestive issues, and when you consider that I need a lot of carbs (fruits, some simple sugars) after my workouts, this is a great way to keep my total daily carb count down.


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