About TriPurple

This site was founded to help increase awareness about pancreatic cancer in the triathlon, CrossFit, and general fitness communities.  If you are like I was just a few months ago, you aren’t aware that, despite not being in the top ten most common forms of cancer, pancreatic cancer is the fourth-leading cause of death associated with cancer, or that the prognosis is that only 20% of patients are alive within one year after diagnosis, and less than 4% five years after diagnosis.  Hearing that prognosis about my dad gave me pause – how was it possible that this wasn’t a bigger deal?  How was it possible that, as a person very much “into” physical fitness, nutrition, health, and welfare, I had never given a prior moment’s thought to pancreatic cancer.  Simply put – it just doesn’t get the exposure that other cancers (rightfully) do, yet it affects thousands of people and their families every year.

This site and its associated blog seeks to provide a community for the everyday athlete, the weekend warriors – whether CrossFitters, triathletes, or general fitness buffs – to learn something new, discuss ideas, and provide inspiration to each other, while advocating for a good cause.  TriPurple hopes to generate interest and raise awareness for causes like the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, the Hirschberg Foundation, and Cancer Sucks, while providing an unintimidating forum for people to discuss their goals, discuss their training methods, and be motivated to improve their fitness.

Why purple?  It’s the color of pancreatic cancer awareness.