About Kurt

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That’s me!

I am a 30-something, married, part-time overly-competitive “weekend warrior” triathlete living in Coronado, CA.  I primarily race Sprint distance races, not because I can’t go longer, but because I like to go faster (for now!).  I have trained as a runner and triathlete for over 15 years with traditional endurance regimens and principles, worked with various coaches, and had pretty good success as an age-group triathlete in both the Southeast and San Diego areas.  I raced one season as a local “elite,” qualified for Team USA for the 2015 Sprint Triathlon World Championships in Chicago, but I have never held a USAT pro card.  After one season spent training by the principles of Crossfit Endurance, I am back to more traditional training methods, working with a coach and racing the 2014 season with the Fearless Racing Team.

I draw a great deal of inspiration from my dad, who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  I am inspired by the fact that he put up a fantastic fight against tremendous odds.  He continues enduring all manner of discomfort dealing with the complications from last year’s battle. I draw strength from the fact that I can pick and choose when I am in pain and suffering, but he and other PC fighters deal with the effects constantly, every day.  I now train and race in part because it’s a way for me to feel connected to my dad and his fight from 3000 miles away.  I hope to return to my modest levels of success as an age grouper so I can wear purple up on the “podium” and make a few more people aware of a good cause.

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That’s me too!

A little disclaimer here:  I am not a certified Triathlon coach.  I am not a certified CrossFit coach.  I’ve never been a professional athlete, and I don’t yet have any Ironman races under my belt.

Like hundreds of thousands of other athletes out there, and probably much like you, I train and race for fun and because I love it. I train and race to stay in shape. I train and race to maintain the “edge.” I hope I can inspire one or two people to find their own motivation to be fit – whether they’re triathletes, CrossFitters, or starting their own fitness program – and a few others to learn about and advocate for pancreatic cancer research so we can all make a difference in someone’s life.