Welcome to TriPurple!

ANNOUNCING:  The John A. Braeckel Family Fund for Pancreatic Cancer Research.  Learn more! 


I am a long-time triathlete and distance runner, specializing in “shorter” long distance events (about me). We’re here to talk triathlon, CrossFit, fitness, and nutrition, while advocating for pancreatic cancer research. You can find the blog feed here, or click through the categories under the Blog tab above. We’ll talk about training for triathlons and other endurance events, where (if?) CrossFit fits into an endurance athlete’s training program, how to manage your training program or just get started, nutritional advice, and I’ll share my race experiences.

Take a minute to learn about my dad, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in January 2013, and why I started this website. If you decide you want to support the cause, take a look at the pancreatic cancer causes links page and learn more.

Upcoming events: See you in 2015! (Age Group Sprint Triathlon World Championships September 15-20th, 2015 – Chicago, IL, USA)